About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Gabrielle and I am a recent high school graduate taking a year off before heading off to college! I started this company with a friend during quarantine just over three months ago but have since taken it over with my mom as she heads off to college. Collectively, we have made close to 2oo custom crewneck sweatshirts and we can't wait to make even more! 

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Because we offer custom made to order products, we do not hold stock. Instead, we make our merchandise once it is ordered. Therefore, we do not accept returns. However, if there is a problem with you order please email us @ college.collectives@gmail.com 


How long does it typically take to ship?

Plain tie-dyes can be ready the ship by the next day if ordered before 12 p.m. Otherwise, expect up to two days. Custom crewnecks take up to three days to be shipped. 


Can I order a bundle deal?


Yes! We would be happy to offer a discounted bundle! Email us for specific inquiries! 


Do you offer kids sizes or larger sizes?


Yes, I can make just about any size! I only keep stock of men's sizes Small, Medium, and Large, but can order any additional sizes. This option will take about a week longer. 

Do you sell internationally?


At this time, no we do not sell internationally. Maybe soon in the future, we will! 


Can I order something not college-related?


Yes of course! I market as college apparel, but can do just about anything! 


What are your delivery options?


If you are a Chicago local, I can offer a drop off/pick up option. Otherwise, all my orders are sent through 2 day USPS mail.